last night

I had been sleeping snug in my bed after a good run in my new new balance shoes. I was used to my old pair of reebok for running. I lay under a thick comforter and a sleeping bag. I was as warm as I could get. I lied on my side with one arm under my head pillow and my other arm holding dearly to another pillow. With all the layers, my head was the only thing left uncovered.

A cold breeze blew against my face. My hair danced about my cheek and forehead. A shiver ran down my spine and my eyelids flew open.

The light from the moon shone through the window, shining on my bed. I remembered closing the curtains that night so I wouldn’t wake with the sun.

The window was closed, so where had the breeze come from? As I pondered this, I sat up and flipped the light switch. The light didn’t come on. I tried again and received the same result. I didn’t like being in the dark involuntary. I began to grow frantic, sitting there in the dark, flipping the switch up and down and getting no response. I’m not necessarily scared of the dark, but I had just woken up and I’m useless when I’m in my pajamas.

I looked up at that window and to my horror… saw that it was open. At that instant I expected a smiling face to pop up. The wind was blowing fiercely through my window and into my room. I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to keep warmth. I got up and went to close the window.

Relieved, I turned off the lights and settled back down into bed. I pulled the covers over my head and tried to fall back asleep. It didn’t take long to do so, but right before sleep took me… but I woke up because I thought I heard someone chuckling at the corner of my room.

Studying bookkeeping. Fun with QuickBooks and Excel.

We all know I hate accounting but these QuickBooks courses at today’s QuickBooks training classes were really easy to follow.

Steve, my boss, said a QuickBooks tutorial would be good for my skills. Since I had already knew the Microsoft Excel training course was on its way, I didn’t really want to bother with those sections even though they come with the QuickBooks seminar provider’s sale going on.


My husband and I had another scare today. Nolan was watching Logan while I was taking a nap before work. Then Nolan came running into the room with Logan in his arms asking if it sounded like our son was choking. I sprung out of bed to check him. He was choking. We tried patting his back to see if he would spit anything out. He puked, but there was nothing in it that looked like it would choke him.

We rushed to the emergency room. I rode in the back with my son, making sure he was still breathing. Nolan dropped us off at the doors of the emergency room. I marched in with my son in my arms. Luckily there was no line. However, there was a wait. Apparently they were understaffed. We waited for nearly forty minutes before they called my son’s name, and they were still preparing the room.

I had to get to work by the time we got a room for our son. I wish I could have stayed with him, but there was no one who could cover my shift. I felt horrible about leaving my son at the hospital. Luckily my husband was with him. I cried on my way to work and prayed that he was okay. Toward the end of my shift, my husband walked into the cafe with our son.

Logan was fine.

They couldn’t find anything wrong with Logan. He didn’t swallow anything foreign. They told my husband that sometimes babies choke. If they eat too fast, they can choke. Nolan said Logan had been eating his snacks when the choking fit began. We just have to watch him more carefully, but other than that, our son is fine.

Good buying Excitement

I just bought one pair of New Balance sneakers in addition to a new electronic house heater. We are saving cash for the television and i also would like a different wrist watch.